Privacy Policy

  • 1 - Introducción
    • 1.1 - Esférica Consulting S.L. ("Lead & Play") manages through the website a platform ("Platform") that connects football professionals, such as players, coaches, health workers or fitness coaches ("Professional/s") with professional football clubs ("Club/s"), all of them previously registered in the Platform, managed by Lead & Play through this website ("Website ").
    • 1.2- Lead & Play is a professional network that connects Clubs and Professionals (collectively, "Members") and allows them to find professional opportunities in the professional football sector. Thanks to the Platform, Lead & Play helps all its Members to find job opportunities, increase their chances of success in the workplace and achieve their professional goals.
    • 1.3 - In order for Lead & Play to fulfill its mission and provide its services, it collects personal data from its Members. In particular, Members may publish, send, receive and share information and content on the Platform, such as their personal and professional data, photos, videos or text, or links to content external to the Platform (hereinafter, the "Content") for the sole purpose of describing your professional characteristics and your hiring proposal.
    • 1.4. - For Lead & Play, the privacy and data protection of Members is relevant. Therefore, Lead & Play states its commitment to comply with current legislation at all times regarding data protection and, for these purposes, has prepared this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy"), which is applied, together with the terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions"), to anyone who registers, accesses or uses the Platform in any other way. Anyone who is not satisfied with the Privacy Policy or with the Terms and Conditions must refrain from registering, accessing or in any way using the Platform.
    • 1.5 - By registering, accessing or using the Platform and the Website in any other way, Members accept the processing of their personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.
  • 2 - Responsible for data processing
    • 2.1 - Whether you reside in a country of the European Union or outside the European Union, the person responsible for the collection and processing of your personal data is Esférica Consulting S.L. ("Lead & Play"), with tax identification number B95818084, address at C/ María Diaz de Haro, 48, 48920, Portugalete, Vizcaya and email address to these effects.
    • 2.2 - Lead & Play is interested in the privacy of the personal data of its Members and, for this purpose, has a data protection delegate to whom it can direct its notifications. The data contact of the delegate of data protection are as follows: agarcia@esfé
  • 3 - Consent
    • 3.1 - When an account is created and each time there is a change in the Privacy Policy, Members expressly accept the collection, use and processing of their personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, including the Cookies Policy.
    • 3.2 - Whenever there is a change in the Privacy Policy, Members will be informed of such change through the Platform or the sending of communications and they will be asked to relinquish their consent to the modified policy. Lead & Play will not be able to provide services through the Platform to the Member until it has accepted the new changes in the Privacy Policy.
  • 4 - Information collected by Lead & Play
    • 4.1 - Lead & Play collects different information and personal data of Members, which is not always provided directly by the Member who accesses, registers or interacts with the Platform and which differs according to the person who registers.
    • 4.2 - First, Lead & Play collects data provided directly by the Member that registers, accesses or uses the Platform in any other way during its identification process on the Platform. Since the process of identifying Members in the Platform is different depending on whether it is a Player, a Technician or a Club, so is the information collected about each one of them:
      • 4.2.1 - Professionals:
        • - At the time of registration, the Professional provides, at least, the following information: name, surnames, gender, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, nationality, address, ID number or passport , photo, club to which it currently belongs (if applicable), remaining time of contract (if applicable) and, if applicable, the existence or not of a termination clause (and, if applicable, the amount) and, where appropriate , any educational and professional achievements you can accredit (the "Minimum Professional Information"). The Professional must also choose a personal password for future access.
        • - The Professional must also provide details of a credit card or any other means of payment accepted by the Platform, in order to pay the registration fee in the Platform, which will only use the payment information for these purposes.
        • - Once the Professional is a Member of the Platform, the Professional may publish, send, receive and share Content and its information on or through the Platform, including videos, photos or texts
      • 4.2.2 - Clubs:
        • .2.2.1 - At the time of registration, the legal representative of the Club provides the following information: name and surname, position, ID number or passport, email address and mobile phone number (the "Club Representative Information") and electronic signature. The Club representative must also choose a personal password for future access.
    • 4.3 - Likewise, Members may provide personal data to Lead & Play through the publication of the Content, the sending of a professional profile or Content, contact with other Members, or the hiring of a Professional with a Club. In particular, Professionals can provide and post videos of professional content on the Platform to complete their professional profile and provide greater confidence.
    • 4.4 - Likewise, Lead & Play records the visits of Members to the Website, the use that Members make of the Platform or when the Member clicks on content or ads, interacts on the Website or with third party sites, conduct a search, send a message to another Member, or in some other public way, send, receive or share
    • 4.5 - Lead & Play also records information about the start of the session, the devices and networks used, and internet protocol addresses to identify Members and their use of the Website, including the URL of the Member's site of origin and of the site to which it is addressed, information about the proxy server, operating system, web browser and add-ons, the identifier and the functions of the device. If the Member uses the Platform from a mobile device, Lead & Play will receive the location data, unless the configuration of the device prevents the sending of this data.
    • 4.6 - Likewise, Lead & Play registers and maintains contact data, viewing and access of authorized Members to the published Content, communications, etc., in order to prove their intervention in the hiring of a Player or a Technician.
    • 4.7 - In no case is it necessary for Members to include information or data of a sensitive nature, such as ethnic or racial origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, or union affiliation, health data or relative data to sexual life, sexual orientation, or data related to criminal records. If the Member decides to publish any of these data, it will be visible in their profile information, so Lead & Play advises not to publish personal data that the Member does not wish to make public.
    • 4.8 - Lead & Play also collects information through cookies and other similar technologies. For more information in this regard, visit our Cookies Policy .
  • 5 - Use of information and data collected by Lead & Play
    • 5.1 - Lead & Play uses the data of the Members provided or collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy to provide, personalize, develop and, ultimately, improve the provision of the services offered by Lead & Play to the Members of the Platform through the Website.
    • 5.2 - The precise way in which Lead & Play uses the personal data of the Members will depend, ultimately, on the use of the Platform that each Member makes and on the configuration of the Website.
    • 5.3 - Lead & Play will use the data for the provision of services through the Website. The primary objective of Lead & Play is to encourage hiring among the Members with the use of the Platform. To this end, Lead & Play collects and treats the personal data of Members to:
      • 5.3.1 - Authenticate and authorize Members to access their profiles and accounts. Lead & Play may use the personal data provided during the registration process to the Platform to provide help to users and resolve any doubts or incidents that may arise in the registration process and also to verify that the data provided and, in In this case, the license numbers or federation identification and the certificates are authentic in order to grant a greater strength and confidence to the Members.
      • 5.3.2 - Help Members connect and maintain contact with other Members, as well as suggest contacts or connections between Members based on the profiles demanded by each of them. The profile of the Player or Technician will only be accessible for those Clubs in which the Player or Technician is interested.
      • 5.3.3 - Show the profiles of Members to those people who are interested in them and keep Members informed about professional opportunities.
      • 5.3.4 - Allow communications between Members and between Lead & Play and Members. In case of receiving communications from other Members interested in a Member's profile, we will send you notices and automatic messages by email and other available means. Likewise, Lead & Play will send messages about the Platform, its security, who is interested in your profile, network updates, reminders or other issues related to the services provided through the Platform.
      • 5.3.5 - Find professional opportunities in the professional soccer sector.
      • 5.3.6 - Encourage and, where appropriate, help formalize the recruitment between players or technicians and clubs.
      • 5.3.7 - Offer personalized advertising and announcements to Members inside and outside the Platform4. Lead & Play shows advertisements to its Members using cookies and other similar technologies, information provided by Members and information on the use that Members make of the services provided on the Platform (Content read, if any, profiles visited, visits or clicks on internal and external pages through links provided on the Website, etc.).

        Under no circumstances, Lead & Play shares information or personal data of Members with advertisers without the explicit consent of Members. However, if the Member clicks on an ad or takes any other action in relation to the advertised or advertised content, the advertiser may know that the Member has visited the page.

        At all times, Members have the option to self-exclude or change the configuration of the Platform so that they do not receive personalized advertising content based on their interests. However, generic advertising will remain visible to all Members.

      • 5.3.8 - Investigate, improve the services provided to Members and offer them greater security in relation to their personal data, through the conduct of research, statistics, surveys, improvement of policies, study of trends in the market, use of data for the prevention of fraud, etc.
      • 5.3.9 - Attention to Members when they contact Lead & Play in relation to the services provided by the Platform, including the protection of their personal data.
    • 5.4 - In any case, Lead & Play allows Members to change their preferences and their configuration for the use of their personal data for any of the purposes described above (for example, to exclude the Member from sending communications). However, Members are aware that any change in this direction may lead to the Member losing quality and benefits in the services provided by Lead & Play through the Platform.
    • 5.5 - The personal data provided or registered by Lead & Play through the Platform will not be used for purposes other than those provided in this Privacy Policy.
  • 6 - Who accesses the data of the Members? Who are the recipients?
    • 6.1 - Any personal information of the Members and any Content that the Member publishes, sends, receives and shares on or through the Platform may be viewed by other Members, with the limitations set forth below.
    • 6.2 - Access to information by other Members. The access of the different Members to the information published by a Member will vary depending on the information provided and the profile of the Member (Player, Technician or Club).
      • 6.2.1 - Professional
        • - The profile of the Professional will only be visible to those Clubs in which the Professional has shown interest ("Club/s authorized/s ").
        • - The publications, sending and sending of the Content, including the videos published in its profile, may be accessible and publicly shared with the Authorized Clubs.
        • - The messages exchanged between a Professional and a Club will only be visible to the Professional and the Club, respectively.
        • - Information regarding the credit card or any other means of payment and the personal password will not be accessible to any Member of the Platform
        • - The Professional can only contract with the Clubs that have access to their profile in accordance with the previous numerals.
        • - Lead & Play will never inform the Professional's home club about the search for new professional opportunities or their contact with other clubs. Should any rule require any of the Members to inform the Professional's club of origin (eg, Article 18 of the Regulations on the Statute and Transfer of FIFA Players), it shall be the responsibility of the obligee (s) Under that regulation comply with their information obligations.
      • 6.2.2 - Club:
        • - All Members will have access to the Club's profile. However, the Club will only be able to access the profile of those Professionals who have shown interest in them and, therefore, will only be able to contract with those Professionals who previously selected them.
        • - They will only be able to access the information of the legal representative of the Club (except their mobile phone and their email address) and the responsible declaration, that Professional with whom they contract
    • 6.3 - Record of activities and information carried out by Members. Some Members, such as Clubs, may register communications made through the Platform for legal reasons or professional compliance for the purpose of proving a contractual relationship or the beginning of negotiations (for example). Lead & Play does not guarantee the security of the storage that such communications can be made by the corresponding Member
    • 6.4 - Links to other Members' accounts on other websites (for example, Twitter or LinkedIn). Members may decide to link their account on the Platform with other accounts on external servers to share or publish content shared on those other platforms and, therefore, make their content available on these other platforms. Members acknowledge that Lead & Play has no control over the privacy and treatment policies that these other platforms may perform on their personal data. At any time, the Member may cancel the link with these other accounts.
    • 6.5 - Service providers. Lead & Play can use other companies to provide certain services under the Lead & Play guidelines. For the provision of such services necessary for the operation of the Platform (for example, payment management, consulting, auditing, marketing or maintenance), these third parties may need certain information and data from Members. Lead & Play guarantees that, in such cases, said third parties will have limited access to the information of the Members to the extent necessary to carry out the tasks entrusted, will sign with Lead & Play a custom contract for treatment and will be obliged not to disclose the information or to use it for purposes other than the provision of the corresponding service.
    • 6.6 - Disclosures required by law. Lead & Play may communicate personal data and information provided by Members when required by law, in a judicial proceeding, to investigate a suspicious activity, or in any other way protect the rights of the Members themselves. In such cases, Lead & Play undertakes to notify Members that their information has been legally requested, to the extent possible and in cases where such communication is not incompatible with the purpose for which the data has been been initially disclosed.
    • 6.7 - Under no circumstances will Lead & Play inform the Clubs of origin of the Players or Technicians of the use of the Platform made by the Player or the Technician, their communications with other Clubs, the sending of messages or any other activity related to the search for new employment opportunities.
  • 7 - Where are personal data stored?
    • 7.1 - Lead & Play is a company based in Spain. Lead & Play collects, stores and treats the personal data of Members in european servers.
    • 7.2 - Since Lead & Play aims to target the largest number of people in the professional football sector worldwide, it is possible to store and process the personal data of Members outside of their country of residence.
  • 8 - Declarations and guarantees
    • 8.1 - Members declare and guarantee that the personal data provided are true and accurate and undertake to notify any change or modification thereof. They will be responsible for any loss or damage caused to Lead & Play or to any third party through the communication of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information.
  • 9 - Security of the personal data of Members
    • 9.1 - Lead & Play is concerned about the security and protection of personal data of its Members, and tries to prevent security failures that may occur.
    • 9.2 - For these purposes, Lead & Play guarantees the adoption and application of measures of technical and organizational nature necessary to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and security of personal data, and to prevent their loss, alteration, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology and the nature of the stored data.
    • 9.3 - Likewise, Lead & Play periodically checks its systems to detect possible vulnerabilities and attacks. However, Members are aware that Internet security is not impregnable and that there is no guarantee that the data can not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed if a leak occurs in any of the installed security measures.
  • 10 - Exercise of the rights of Members
    • 10.1 - In accordance with the applicable legislation, Members who have provided their personal data to Lead & Play may request the exercise of their rights of access to personal data, rectification or deletion, limitation of their treatment, opposition to treatment, as well as the right to the portability of your data. This exercise will be carried out by means of written notification addressed to:
      • 10.1.1 - Access to data. Members may access their personal data at any time and request information regarding the processing of their data.
      • 10.1.2 - Rectification of the data. Members have the right to rectify personal data that is inaccurate or incomplete.
      • 10.1.3 - Limitation of data processing. Members shall have the right to request limitation of the processing of their data when legally established.
      • 10.1.4 - Opposition to treatment. Members may object to the processing of their personal data when legally established.
      • 10.1.5 - Portability of the data. Members shall have the right to receive their personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and to transmit them to another data controller.
      • 10.1.6 - Closure of the account and conservation of personal data. Members may close the account and their profile on the Platform at any time. If a Member decides to close their account, the closing will be effective and their personal data will no longer be accessible within a period of one (1) day.  

        Once the account is closed, Lead & Play will erase your personal data within a period of 1 day from when the account is closed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lead & Play may keep your personal data, even after closing the account, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and, in particular, in accordance with section 10.1.7

      • 10.1.7 - Conservation of data. Lead & Play retains most of the personal data while the Member's account is activated or, even when closed, when necessary to provide the services, resolve disputes (for example, to prove the intermediation in a contract between a Club and a Player or a Technician, made thanks to the activity of the Platform), maintain security and avoid cases of fraud and abuse or in any other way is legally required. As far as possible, Lead & Play will keep the information depersonalized once the Member has closed their account.

        Lead & Play can not guarantee the conservation that other Members could make of the communications or any other information provided by the Member. Player to those other Members on or through the Platform.

    • 10.2 - If necessary, Lead & Play may ask the Member for a copy of their ID, passport or other valid document that identifies them.
    • 10.3 - Should any of the Members consider that Lead & Play does not comply with the regulations on the protection of personal data, they may submit a claim to the competent control authority.
  • 11 - Direct marketing
    • 11.1 - Lead & Play guarantees that it does not share the personal data of its Members for purposes other than those provided in this Privacy Policy and that it will only send direct commercial communications to Members with their explicit permission.
  • 12 - Changes in the Privacy Policy
    • 12.1 - Lead & Play reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy in accordance with new legislative, regulatory requirements, for security reasons or in order to adapt this policy to the instructions of the data protection control authorities . When significant changes occur in this Privacy Policy, Members will be notified through the Platform to offer all Members the possibility to review the changes and accept them before they become effective.
    • 12.2 - Each time there is a change in the Privacy Policy, Members must accept the application of the new updated terms. If the Member does not agree with any of the changes, you can close your account.
  • 13 - Contact
    • 13.1 - For any questions or queries about this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us through the section of FAQS or by sending an email to .

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